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Christian Education

Coordinator – Terry McMillian
Sunday School Superintendent – Jackie Banks
Assistant Sunday School Superintendent – Naomi Elam




The mission of the Christian Education ministry at Wesley is to actively support spiritual formation and growth of children, youth, and adults through age appropriate instruction, resources and development opportunities. In doing so, we will fulfill our mission of Restoring People to Wholeness and making disciples for Jesus Christ. Opportunities include short- and long-term classes for all age groups through Sunday school and weekday studies.


Our vision is to increase our understanding of God through Jesus Christ by providing educational opportunities to people of every age. Provide small group and continuing educational experiences for adults; develop learning experiences for children from infancy through young adulthood; provide Christian educational opportunities for our church and community with studies that will bring us to wholeness, building on our faith and growing hope to the community.


  • Sunday school classes available for all ages
  • Adult Bible study classes
  • Tuesday nights - Traditional Bible study, and 6-8 weeks special course study
  • Wednesday - Early I Seek Thee at 6:00 a.m. and Mid-Day (noon) Bible studies
  • Children Church on 2nd through 5th Sundays
  • Youth Gathering on Sunday mornings
  • Annually for one week, Vacation Bible School for the whole family
  • Confirmation Class for youth ages 12-18 (20-32 weeks annually)

 Servants Mission Opportunities

Christian Education provide opportunities to all who wish to serve and use your gift and talents to teach and assist Sunday school classes for adults, children, and youth; serve as Children’s church facilitators; attend yearly trainings to enhance classroom effectiveness and personal growth; coordinate and/or direct Vacation Bible School and Confirmation classes; serve as a special study teacher, workshop leader, curriculum development, coordinator and registrar for special events; design and create advertisement and participate in community outreach programs, and much more.

 The Christian Education Ministry has a place for everyone.

 Currently all Sunday school and Bible study classes are being facilitated via tele-conferencing until further notice. Please check the website for call-in numbers or call the church office for this information.