Archives & History Chairperson:  Mrs. Renee McFarlane
Archives & History Vice-Chair:  Mrs. Betty Henry

Mission Statement

The mission of the Archives and History ministry glorifies God through our efforts in preserving and documenting our church’s rich historical identity by keeping records and artifacts in a secure and orderly fashion so that our church may preserve and build on its heritage.

Ministry Goals/Aim/Purpose

The Archives and History ministry at Wesley, at a minimum, strives to accomplish the following:

  • To provide for the preservation of all records and historical materials no longer in use.
  • Paragraph 247, section 5a of the 2008 Doctrine details the role of the church historian and responsibilities. In part, it states the types of items to preserve:“records and historical materials include all documents, minutes, journals, diaries, reports, letters, pamphlets, papers, manuscripts, maps, photographs, books, audiovisuals, sound recordings, magnetic or other tapes, or any other documentary material, regardless of form or characteristics”should be archived and preserved by the ministry.
  • To help interpret the importance of the history of the congregation.
  • To serve as a resource to assist the congregation in understanding the history and heritage of the denomination.
  • To assist people who wish to use the church records in conducting research.
  • To arrange displays and historical programs (i.e. Church Anniversary) as needed.
  • Other responsibilities as deemed necessary.

How does the ministry serve the community

The Archives and History ministry serves the community during various programs such as our annual Church Anniversary through which the community may share in learning about our church history through presentations and displays.

Our church history narrative on the website is provided by the Archives and History ministry.



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