Chairperson Ms. Leslie Williams
 Vice-Chair Mrs. Elizabeth Worthy


What is an Acolyte?

The word ‘acolyte’ means ‘follower’ or ‘attendant’. In the early days of the church, serving as an acolyte was one of the steps toward becoming a pastor. In this way, future pastors would get to learn all about Christian worship.

Acolyte Mission

The mission of the acolyte is to serve God and the church as an active participant during worship.


The acolyte’s duty is to light the altar candles prior to the service and extinguish them following the service.

Acolytes do more than carry a flame to the altar candles. They are symbolically carrying the light of Christ’s spirit into and out of the worship service.

Participants in this sacred ministry will be filled with a sense of spiritual meaning and fulfillment as they grow in knowledge and faith about the meaning of worship, the sanctuary, Christian symbols, and the sacraments.

Membership (Male and Female)

Acolytes can opt to serve at the 8:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. worship services.

All children starting at age eight years, teens, young adults and adults are invited to join this ministry.


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